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About Me

My name is Morena Milevoj. I am _2 years old (but I feel I am 22) with more than fifteen years of experience in marketing & PR industry (specialized in tourism & travel)  being a social media junkie and big enthusiast. Love #hashtags, nice captions & great visuals!

I started this blog in 2012 and now, after 5 years (after being silent for a while) I have a new inspiration to create ‘stuff’ related to fashion, street style, travel, lifestyle, digital marketing and other stuff. J

My approach to life has always been focused to seeking the real things; things that inspire me and that makes me happy as a human being, whether it is a glass of vine (or two) with friends or a stroll through the inspiring streets of Madrid or Paris, or just a relaxing walk by the sea which brings my energy back. I really love traveling and it has been my biggest passion since my youngest age when I left home to go to study abroad. I lived in Trieste (Italy) where I finished the BA in modern languages and started discovering the world;I also lived in Barcelona where my heart still is (and forever will be)  during my 20s (several times). Barcelona and Meditteranean lifestyle has left such a big impact on my life broadening my horyzons and made me never fed up of exploring new things. I also had a mini experience called ‘au pair’ in London where I spent 5 months and where I also go back very often. London always gives you more. I completed a Master degree in tourism & marketing in Barcelona and before that I obtained a diploma from London School of Public Relations. I consider myself citizen of the world and never ever judge or see people through other lenses.  I spent  most part of the last decade in Zagreb where I made myself a home for a while. Now I live in Pula (my hometown).

As a result of above mentioned ‘seeking’ the new things and experiences, I started a new project named Brendaonica where I teach people and companies how to brand themselves through social media channels. So I try to connect it with a new category on the blog ‘Lets talk digital’ where you can make me questions and we can make discussions.

I speak Croatian (native), English, Italian and Spanish.