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Hi, Adriana! We met in Žminj several weeks ago at the Pasta Festival where you were invited as a blogger to make promotion of the event and destination. How did you like Istria and Žminj?

I must confess that my love for Istria increases with each visit. When we met in Žminj, it was only my third official visit to this part of Croatia but for some reason, I always feel right at home in Istria. Typically I am more drawn to cities such as Opatija and Rovinj but places like Žminj hold their charm and are truly worth visiting within the region. To be honest, Žminj surprised me, the history, the architecture, the people and it’s close proximity to all the typical cities that tourists are generally more attracted to visiting, it really is the heart of Istria and I enjoyed every moment I spent there. 

I must say from what I saw that you are very quick in transferring photographs and videos on your blog and social media platforms. How many hours a day do you dedicate to blogging?

Firstly, thank you, what a lovely observation. If I’ve come from a press trip, I like to have everything up within a few days as it’s all fresh in my head. I’ve learned from my own experience that there’s nothing worse than trying to trace a feeling to connect through my writing that happened a month ago. Blogging is a small portion of what I do, along with managing my own blog and social media platforms, I am a content strategist and consultant. I also create content for State of Style Store in Zagreb, a newly opened boutique. I have a long term SEO strategy on that blog but already in less than 6 months have had some great results. I contribute the The Huffington Post, Jetset Times, Rebelle Society and have access to the contributors platform at Elite Daily. I think it’s safe to say that blogging and content creation takes up majority of my day and my average work day is 18 hours, six days a week. I rarely have a day off.   

What was your ‘WHY’ moment –  why did you start blogging?

I moved to London when I was 21, I was alone and full of thoughts that I needed to release so I started a live journal account (the equivalent of blogger & WordPress today) and began documenting my life and thoughts. Many people read it, especially from Australia as it was honest and often didn’t paint my life in the brightest light. Then I came back to Sydney and started styling some local celebrities so my blog was rebranded into more a fashion type blog that focused on what my clients were wearing, styling advice and celebrity style. It was during this period of time that I started to develop relationships with PRs, journalists and designers. In this case, blogging was an extension of my job as a fashion stylist. Brands also started providing me with products in exchange for content so it all really started from there as blogging was just on the brink of becoming something you could get paid for. The term “influencer” wasn’t even a normal word yet. 

A few years later I decided to move to Europe and blogging was really starting to kick off as a job so I decided to begin rebranding myself as a travel and lifestyle blogger. Although I was living in London at the time, I always had my sights on moving to Croatia and working with local tourism boards and in the past 12 months I have achieved this goal. Not only have I worked with many local tourism boards on some fun projects  but am also one of the only Croatian bloggers the National Tourism Board of Croatia has worked with, so I am really proud about this.  

I truly believe that personal branding is the future. I liked your quote on the blog: ‘FOUNDER OF MYSELF’.  How does it actually help you in your work? What are the benefits that you get being a blogger and marketing influencer?

It’s funny you bring up my little tagline “Founder of Myself” because it actually started three years ago when I was looking at all the profiles on Twitter of all these important people who were founders of “something” and I thought, “Why can’t I just be the founder of myself and ride the wave, see where it takes me?” So I did. Ironically, this was a time in my life when things were falling apart and the only thing I was a founder of was living in a nightmare. 

I can’t say if this tagline has helped me get any work or increased my chances for a job. I believe when a brand  or company work with me, they do so knowing that I am different to most bloggers, particularly in Croatia. I write differently, I speak differently, I think differently and without a doubt I take my job seriously, it isn’t fun and games- There’s a lot of work behind the scenes I don’t show on my social media because I’d exhaust my audience.

Personally, one of the greatest benefits of being a blogger is being able to create the life of your dreams. What you can do and where you can go is limitless. Blogger and influencer marketing is a multi million dollar industry that is not showing any signs of slowing down in coming years and I’d encourage anyone with even the slight interest to give it a try. These days as much as I love contributing to my own mediums, I also enjoy teaching others how to be brilliant bloggers and content creators, there’s a psychology behind it. 

I guess a lot of brands contact you and they want to work with you. How do you actually make a choice and decide which are the ones that you will work with?

I am very black and white in this area, there is no grey. I stick my branding and aesthetic 100%. You’ll never see me selling skinny tea, phone cases or teeth whitening products because these are typical sell out tactics. How can any influencer endorse skinny tea to impressionable young girls? Anyone with a following has a responsibility and that just doesn’t sit right with me. These days you’ll also never see me endorse alcoholic beverages or talk about local wines, sadly because I am sober. Even attending an event for a new vodka would be against my brand, so I am very cautious about this in regards to my image. 

People who refer to me don’t come to me for absurd endorsements, they come to me because they know I provide value and quality content that is inspiring and resourceful. I must respect that. I select jobs that I know I’ll enjoy  and most of these revolve around travel and lifestyle. 

Could you give us some ‘tips & tricks’ when we speak about successful blogging as a profession? 

My biggest tip in the world of blogging is to blog about what you truly love, your passion- it will show through your content if you’re faking it for page views or fame. Provide value but provide value without turning your blog into a wikipedia page. As people get to know and trust you they will refer to your blog for advice and inspiration, believe me. But this all takes time and nothing happens over night. If you work hard, network strategically and don’t give up, like with all things in life, you will succeed.

I wrote a post on State of Style blog about how to be a professional blogger in Croatia. Here’s the Croatian translation.

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