Ball Gowns In The Middle Of Manhattan

Love the story, love the ball gowns colors, love the pics and the styling… And I absolutely love the idea of using Instagram as a social media channel to promote the story. Just do it on Instagram. And you will get many, many many likes and new followers… Well done. This can be done by one and only US Vogue to promote the Met Gala 2014 yesterday on the streets of Manhattan. So, once again New York is a perfect scenery for a fashion delight in which fabulous models – Hanne Gaby Odiele, Grace Mahary, Tilda Lindstram, Alana Zimmer and Xiao Wen Ju – show us the best evening looks in ball gowns… So happy, dreamy and chic ;) An absolute amazing work was done by the photographer Cass Bird and stylist Karen Kaiser. (Images via

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