C L O X woman is never lost…

C L O X woman is never lost …  Says the headline of the C L O X communication campaign. We met the woman who stands behind the  C L O X brand and who is responsible for its unique design. Her name is Mia Marić and here’s what she told us about her original idea and how she sees the brand in the future.

MF: How did you come up with the idea of shoes with working clocks?

Mia: The idea came up in my everyday life and with my continuous wish to wear a little bit different clothes and since I was collecting the vintage watches that were a mess on my hand –  they ended up on the shoes  :)  I was inspired by the rhytm of steps and time that are very similar and once while I was hurrying up to get to the meeting and looking at my clock and then to the floor (shoe) and vice versa I realized that the click-clack sound of the stiletto shoes was the same as the sound of the clock. But at the same time the clock was always very interesting to me as a decorative element and not only functional one. Therefore in that decorative sense I put it on the shoe but without taking off its functionality, both clocks are functional and instead of hands the right time is shown with the little woman legs which seem to run in the circle on the dial….

MF: Do you have any ideals in the designers’  world that inspired you?

Mia: The C L O X shoes are a little bit surrealist shoe brand with a clock that unexpectedly comes in the cake boxes, so the inspiration and ideals are not from the shoe industry but from the art and my life.  Speaking about the world known designers I can’t choose one brand, I often find a nice pair of shoes but I’m not loyal to just one designer or brand.

MF: What would CLOX like to be when they grow up?

Mia: A world famous accessorize brand :)

MF: How do you imagine a typical C L O X woman?

Mia: C L O X are worn by self confident women that perfectly manage they time. These are the women that are determined, independent and in a way in front of their time – C L O X shoes are for the artists and rebels

MF: I’m sure there will be a lot of artists and rebels all around the world who will want to have a pair of C L O X ; what is the easiest way to find them?

Mia: C L O X collections are produced in very limited editions and are available worldwide through our web shop: http://clox.hr/en/store/

Of the two actual collections – one is Passion Fruit and the other one is Cake Collection we will show you the Cake Collection (even if we LOVE both of them) campaign in which the photographer Mladen Šarić captures a perfectly imperfect C L O X moment. A moment when a modern Master of Time surrenders herself to small passions of life, losing track of time, and ground under her feet…

Showing a somewhat surreal view of stilettos and clock hands constantly racing with time, photos depict a woman that C L O X shoes were made for – a creative rebel who knows what she wants and uses time in her favor.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mladen Šarić, ART DIRECTION: Mladen Šarić, Mia Marić, MAKE UP: Simona Antonović, HAIR: Milena Maršić, PHOTOGRAPHER ASSISTANT: Maja Kljaić, MODEL: Nikolina Rak/Talia Model-Colors, Owners: Mia Marić, Igor Manasteriotti

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