May 2014

‘Couch Guerrila’ by Partito Jesus Comunista

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Partito Jesus Comunista nije partija, nije Isus, čak nije ni komunist. Partito Jesus Comunista je producent elektroničke glazbe iz Poreča, koji svoje uratke oplemenjava analognim instrumentima i originalnim vokalima. Upravo je objavljen njegov prvi, a nadamo se ne i posljednji album pod nazivom 'Couch Guerilla' pod etiketom Family Grooves. 'Couch Guerilla' je putovanje kroz originalne [...]

July 2013

DIY Brilliant Bracelet by Fantea

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Post written by Fantea for My Fashion ....... I must admit that there are times - maybe even to many when DIY, especially DIY jewelry is my obsession, first of all in designing and creating part of the process. So, to today we are presenting you how in fee minutes you can do a Brilliant [...]

June 2012

Fluttuo – Pieces of Joy

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As the name of the brand tells - "Pieces of Joy" give joy to everybody that wear them :) So sophisticated and fine jewellery made with fantasy and originality by its founder and creative director, Elisa Zeppilli. Elisa is from Rome, Italy, but we decided to put her story in this section, as we think [...]