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Étoile de mer inspired by pantone colors of the year 2016

Dear My fashion followers, I hope you got a splendid new year’s eve and even more wonderful beginning of the new year. With new year here comes the new inspiration and creativity…  In our case we are inspired by something ‘old’ and familiar but yet always inspiring. Yes, you are right – this time we […]

‘Attitude is everything’ – Majice sa stavom – samo za vas :)

Neke od vas se možda sjećaju iznimno popularnih majica kratkih i dugačkih rukava koje smo prošle godine osmislili u suradnji s Ille Concept te mnogim djevojkama i ženama podigli samopouzdanje. Ostalo nam je još nekoliko komada ‘majica sa stavom’ koje smo snizili samo za vas :) Možda ste upravo pronašle poklon za rođendan svoje najbolje prijateljice ili […]

Villa Štefanija – A perfect hideaway on the East coast of Istria

If you happen to find yourself wandering around in the East coast of Istria near the village of Barban you cannot avoid to visit Villa Štefanija in even smaller village called Puntera. The highlights of this beautiful spot of Istrian coast are calmness and peace which you experience when you enjoy in some of the […]

Winter sun – Leisure time in Pula

In wintertime we always go to the beach to chase the sun even if it’s cold. One of my favorite beach spots in Pula is Gortanova uvala (Gortanova’s bay) on Lungomare. Perhaps it’s even better to go there when there’s no too many people like in summer. My sunglasses which I wear on that occasion […]

Outfit shooting inspired by Kraglice & tak to ;)

This is the second part of the outfit shooting inspired by Kraglice & tako to.  The pictures were taken in K. Rojc in Pula by Hassan Abdelghani. Instead of the black leather jacket here I’m wearing a faux fur H&M jacket which gives to the whole combination a softer and more lady like look.  Photo […]

Inspired by Etoile de mer ‘pom-pom’ necklace

The black ‘pom-pom’ necklace made by Etoile de mer so fashionable at this time which can be worn also as a bracelet. The shooting was made by Hassan Abdelghani. Photo credit: Hassan Abdelghani

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