June 2014

Pleated skirt? Yes, please!

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Pleated skirts are indispensable wardrobe fashion accessory... We already know that! Whether you like mini, midi or maxi skirts you will find something for you. If you are brave enough you will wear a mini pleated skirt as Olivia Palermo does looking elegant and great as she always does. But if you prefer some more [...]

Sport Chic? Yes or no?

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Sport Chic? Yes or no? We have noticed sport chic outfits being one of the most interesting and popular on the street style blogs in the last few years. It has started with the popularization of  the sports with the Olympics in London and promoting sport fashion with the high tech fabrics combined with clean [...]

May 2014

Natasha Poly Covers Vogue Paris June 2014

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Natasha Poly is back!After her appearance in Cannes in stunning Oscar de la Renta dress where she 'stole the show' and was the queen of the night here she is again - stunning as always on the cover of our favorite Vogue edition - the French one... Photographed by Inez and Vinoodh in red bikini [...]

Ball Gowns In The Middle Of Manhattan

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Love the story, love the ball gowns colors, love the pics and the styling... And I absolutely love the idea of using Instagram as a social media channel to promote the story. Just do it on Instagram. And you will get many, many many likes and new followers... Well done. This can be done by [...]

‘Couch Guerrila’ by Partito Jesus Comunista

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Partito Jesus Comunista nije partija, nije Isus, čak nije ni komunist. Partito Jesus Comunista je producent elektroničke glazbe iz Poreča, koji svoje uratke oplemenjava analognim instrumentima i originalnim vokalima. Upravo je objavljen njegov prvi, a nadamo se ne i posljednji album pod nazivom 'Couch Guerilla' pod etiketom Family Grooves. 'Couch Guerilla' je putovanje kroz originalne [...]

‘Etoile de mer’ is back: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE NECKLACE

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Etoile de mer: Svaki komad nakita ručno je rađen. Iako postoji veliki interes za ponavljanjem, trudim se izbjeći zamku serijskog. Želja mi je zadržati izvornost, kvalitetom i manjim serijama.Kvaliteta i originalnost jedina je garancija uspjeha, "totalno trendy i novo" ne znači uvijek dugovječnost. Moj nakit podjednako nosi poznate hrvatske trendseterice i modne blogerice, ali [...]