September 2016

Santorini – Od bijelih kućica do crnih vulkanskih plaža…

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Za vrijeme putovanja stalno razmišljam o tome kako bih svoje iskustvo najbolje podijelila s ostalim putnicima. Zapravo ne moram dijeliti apsolutno ništa, ali moje unutarnje 'ja' kaže mi će moje iskustvo možda pomoći nekom drugom da se bolje snađe i bolje iskoristi svoje resurse na toj određenoj destinaciji. Nakom sedmodnevnog intenzivnog putovanja na jedan od [...]

Santorini – White houses and black beaches…

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When I travel I always have in mind how to describe my personal experience with other travelers. I don't actually have to but my inner self tells me: ' You have to share your experience, so maybe it will help someone'. So, after my 7 -days trip to Santorini I've waited for the right moment [...]

March 2016

One weekend in Paris ;)

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It's been five years since my last visit to Paris but the uplift with this amazing city is always the same. The reason why I went to Paris was my friend Melanie birthday's party,  so there was no excuse... I had to be there! On the day we arrived we spent most of our time [...]

January 2016

Lisbon highlights recommended by My Fashion :)

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It was my first time visiting Portugal so I was excited before the trip. Since the trip was planned for January I was a little bit worried about the weather but luckily during the week we spent in Lisbon the weather was great with 18 C  degrees and it was sunny almost all the time. [...]

April 2015

Madrid’s Diary

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Thank you, Madrid! You were amazing :) As always my trips to Spain are full of positive expectations and impatience to get there. This trip was planned to celebrate my forthcoming birthday and it was a great idea to do so. My friend Tamara who was in Barcelona for business came to Madrid and so [...]

March 2014