November 2013

My New York Moments, 2nd part

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This is the last post about New York.  About Soho and Chinatown, about Le Petit Cafe and Arno Restaurant which we liked a lot and where we spent several evenings tasting north Italian food and drinking some good Croatian wines.  Another restaurant which I liked a lot was Crave Fishbar. Unfortunately we went there [...]

June 2013

Beautiful wedding on Mallorca island…

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Last weekend I was on Palma de Mallorca island attending the "Spanish boda" of one of my dearest friends. For me it was more than a wedding - in my beloved Spain, enjoying the Mediterranean culture and food, enjoying the perfect scenery of the Balearic Islands, discovering new hideaways and admiring the love of [...]

May 2013

August 2012

July 2012

NOSS Fashion Store in Ibiza

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One of the shops that I liked most in Ibiza, beside IBZcode and Ibiza Republic, is NOSS Fashion Store situated in Calle Bisbe Azara 2. Their offer represent the most stylish designers items from cool clothing brands such us By Zoe or Spanish designer (C&M) that makes snake leather clutches or peculiar jewellery designed by [...]