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I must admit that there are times – maybe even to many when DIY, especially DIY jewelry is my obsession, first of all in designing and creating part of the process. So, to today we are presenting you how in fee minutes you can do a Brilliant Bracelet that you can combine with many outfits, jewelry and carry it all year long.

You’ll need:

– Leather strap or similar (you can cut it out from a piece of a leather)

– Scissors

– All-purpose glue

– Rhinestones

– End claw clasp

First you should cut a leather strap to a width and length that it suits you. For defining a length you can put a leather strap around your wrist and see how you want your new up-coming bracelet to be. Then you take the end of a strap and roll it a bit and put u glue on. After few minutes you stick it to the end part of a claw clasp and leave for few minutes to dry. Meanwhile you can design your rhinestone pattern = the hardest part :)

At the end you just glue rhinestones to a leather strap and your Brilliant Bracelet is done. Enjoy!

fantea-for-myfashion-rhinestone_bracelet2 fantea-for-myfashion-rhinestone_bracelet3 fantea-for-myfashion-rhinestone_bracelet4

 Fantea for My Fashion

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