Story inspired by spring blossoms…

This story is told by five beautiful ladies: Anna as a photographer, Monika as one of two ‘models for a day’ and Mokala handbags designer, Maja (and her family) as a perfect host  and Antonella as a fashion designer and stylist. And, of course, by me – owner of My Fashion blog – who gathered this little crew aka  ‘ladies power’ together by accident teaching on social media workshop in Pula. So, the only thing we knew before we started shooting – is that we were going to have great time together but at the same time that we will create a beautiful fashion & style story in a perfect setting of a vacation house.

The first challenge for me was to show how to combine this interesting Mokala handbag – which you can wear inside the plastic bag but also without it. I think that every fashionista would love to have a ‘two function’ bag – with plastic bag for a daily use while using it only as a clutch for the evening use. I combined it with this stunning top by Showroom Antonela together with the beautiful bracelet with butterflies. I hope you like it :)

Photo credit: Anna Gaspotić / Anna Gaspotic Photographer

MUA: Andrea Prodan / DEVIL Body Art Studio

Clothes: Antonela Gregorović / Showroom Antonela 

Handbag: Monika Radolović / Mokala torbe

Host: Maja Bizjak / BIZJAK not only summertime

The atmosphere was great, you can see some backstage pics on the Instagram profile:

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