Moment – Where Opposites Meet

Moment – Where Opposites Meet

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a nice piece of jewellery that impressed me so much  like it happened with Moment jewellery. Perhaps because it combines the two elements that are somehow the key elements of my philosophy when I think about style – edgy and romantic. The edgy element that usually characterizes brave and self confident women and romantic one that gives a note of more feminine touch and show a more fragile part of each woman.  This is how I see Moment – the jewellery brand founded by two already recognized Croatian jewellery designers – Iva Stojković and Maja Miletić. Iva and Maja started a cooperation with the aim to show how a good creative partnership can make even more successful brands and this aspect of the project has to be encouraged – partners and not competitors creating a successful story. There is something that they have in common and this is the view and attitude they have towards the design they’re creating. „When designing a piece of jewellery we think that each piece of jewellery will last forever and that it will be interesting during many years“, says Iva. „We don’t believe in trends or seasons of the year when speaking about jewellery“, adds Maja.

Already well known jewellery lines that they developed individually only seem to be opposite in style and aesthetic, but the approach to creating a piece of jewellery is the same. Moment represents an instance where they met- halfway between strict, precise forms of plexiglas combined with somewhat cold steel and fluid, gentle muslin combined with strong textures of rope. As in human character or nature itself, the opposites fulfil, replace and support each other.

 Moments, blinks on the timeline, are created in same way. If they are real, we remember them forever.

Photo: Franjo Matkovic Photography
Make up: Kristina Pavlov Make Up
Models: Nikolina Ljubičić (IM studio model managment) and Roberta Milevoj

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