Morocco – Country of immense beauty, smells, sounds and colors…

Every time I come back from a journey I have so many impressions of the places I’ve visited I don’t know where to begin.  And especially this time when I came from the journey to Morocco – country of immense beauty, smells, sounds and colors…

We started our journey in Casablanca which hasn’t impressed me in the way Marrakesh did several days later at the end of our journey. Casablanca has a famous name and many expect to find the special atmosphere from the movie they’ve seen or heard about. But in reality it’s completely different… In Casablanca you don’t want to stay on the street – you feel the atmosphere of the entrance into the Muslim world a little bit awkward and heavy for those who haven’t experienced it before. But, still, Casablanca is the window to the immense world of heritage, crafts and arts that Morocco has to offer. Certainly the Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque in the country is one of the most memorable monuments that Morocco has to offer.

The next city on our way to Marrakesh was Rabat, the capital of Morocco and very impressive with its majestic places such as the incredible Le Tour Hassan or the picturesque Medina which reminded me so much of the well known Mediterranean architecture seen on Ibiza or Greece but with more intense colors including the potted plants in vibrant colors such as yellow, fuchsia or blue… We wanted to stay there in this little peaceful place of the world but we couldn’t stay longer cause many other destinations expected us. After a delicious tagine lunch we continued our journey to Volubilis – one of the most beautiful  roman archeological site surrounded with a romantic landscape of the peaceful nature. The nature in Morocco is painted green, perhaps because of the springtime, but the general impression one gets is of a fertile country with vegetables and fruit growing everywhere. Not to mention the olive trees, agrumes or dates. You have the impression you’re in paradise on Earth :)

So in the evening we arrived in Meknes and we had the chance to experience the sunset on the main square and I had the impression we arrived to Morocco I saw on the pictures – Morocco I wished to experience. The market we visited was extremely busy with the most intense smells and so many people selling everything you can ever imagine including food – fruit, vegetables, meat.  Perhaps the most powerful image of Morocco I’ve had.

The following day we visited Fez. One of the most picturesque medieval towns in Morocco with the Medina – UNESCO World Heritage site. It was Friday, holy day in Morocco when there were not so many people on the narrow streets of Medina so it made it very pleasant to walk through and enjoy the historic side of this medieval city which brings you back in time. We had the privilege to visit the leather workshop as well as the ceramics workshop and carpet shop. The mint tea they serve you in each place was delicious.

In the evening of the following day we arrived in Marrakesh – one of the most amazing towns I’ve had the opportunity to visit in my life and it completely fascinated me with its vibrant energy of the Arabic world but with a dose of international influences with so many tourists you can see on the streets of this city and especially on Jamaa el Fna – square and market place in Marrakesh’s medina quarter. I enjoyed the stay in the Red City but with a hope that I can come back one day and visit all the bars, restaurants and clubs which I hadn’t chance to visit this time. Enjoy the journey through the pics :)

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