My New York Moments

I’ll try to highlight some of the best moments I’ve had in this magnificent city. It’s been since a long  time ago that I’ve planned to visit New York: city of fashion, movies, shopping, leisure and international cuisine. When I arrived there I was so full expectations and I didn’t know from where to start. Luckily I had a great friend and host  who made my journey in New York more pleasant and easier to explore for the first time. Since I was accommodated in China Town on Manhattan this was my first impression of the city with all its exotic and dynamic background. Different from all the rest. The next neighborhoods that I’ve visited where Little Italy and Soho, which completely blew out my mind. Soho is the place to be…  Soho with its designer and cool shops with a great offer of bars and restaurants where you can find cool and artistic crowd wearing nice, very nice and chic clothes showing the level of good style and easiness at the same time. I love SoHo. One of the place where we used to go often and which we really did like a lot is Le Petit Cafe situated in 156 Spring St, where a girl called Maša is working as a waitress. Maša is from Belgrade and she will make your stay at Le Petit Cafe even more enjoyable. The cheesecake that we had at Le Petit Cafe was one of the best I’ve ever had. Simply delicious! The next neighborhood that I’ve liked most in New York was the area of Central Park and the legendary Fifth Avenue . When I first saw the dog walkers in Central Park and so many yellow taxis on the street I was aware that I was actually in New York that I’ve seen in so many movies and TV series as well as on the postcards. Central Park, especially in the fall season is certainly one of the most beautiful and attractive spots of the city – so suitable for going for a walk, jog and bicycle being at the same time so near the city center and in such a wild and natural environment at the same time. Fifth Avenue is one of the greatest shopping streets in the world if not the greatest. For me it was like a drug. I couldn’t have enough of it and of shopping in the most beautiful shops and stores that I’ve ever seen. From Anthropologie, Abercrombie & Fitch, All Saints, Henri Bendel to many others the experience was just amazing. (To be continued.)

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-1

New York Moments

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-2

Christmas mood at Anthropologie

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-3

Me on Times Square

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-4

Cheesecake at Le Petit Cafe, Soho

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-5

Central Park

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-6

The Sky-towers

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-7

Le Petit Cafe, Soho

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-8

The dog walkers in Central Park

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-9


My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-10

Rockefeller Plaza

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-11

Central Park

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-12

Brooklyn Bridge

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-13

Chilling at Starbucks

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-14

The Metropolitan Museum

My-Fashion_New York-November 2013-15

The Statue of Liberty


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