My style crush – ankle boots!

Since several years I am a big fan of ankle boots. I wear them with skinny jeans as well as with short or long skirts and lately also with wide pants.  I must say  I prefer to see some outrageous style wearing the ankle boots – playing with diffrerent  colors and patterns. You can cheer up your casual outfit with ‘outgoing’ style but without going too far. Or just wear some classy ankle boots with your elegant outfit. My favourite ones are definitely the ones I’ve seen recently –  those by Topshop- black with wooden tortoiseshell heel. Definitely a ‘must have’ this season. The only problem is that Top Shop doesn’t sell (and deliver) to Croatia, so I might ask someone a favor ;) Anyway, let’s just have a look at some interesting outfits that will inspire you. And, remember to be brave enough to dare and experiment… The more you dare the more original is your outfit!



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