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Animal print – love at first sight…

Who says that he or she doesn’t love animal print – is lying :) I must say I don’t like wearing too much animal print items, but when I see some animal print details such as handbags, shoes, scarves or some nice top… I really go mad for it! Whether it is leopard print (which […]

We LOVE Zara People!

Have you heard about Zara People!? It’s one of my favourite projects in fashion industry including real people interested in fashion. All you have to is use one or two Zara items of the season and combine them in an outfit which has to be photographed… Let’s see what have Zara People done to announce […]

We love Celine, Oh La La

 Whether you are a  young fashionista, searching for new challenges and trends all over the globe, or you are a serious young business woman in a classy and moderate outfit – you’ll love CELINE. I adore their Classic Medium in Box in all the colors (black, blue, yellow). They absolutelly rock!!! They are perfect item […]

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