Sometimes we do not need words…

Sometimes we do not need words to explain how we feel. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

I was inspired by these beautiful pastel colors of the leather bracelets by Iva Viljevac  (which can be found in the Plato Concept Store in Pula) that I combined with the black long dress with white stars together with Zara handbag with golden details.  As in the previous outfit post my make up was professionally done by Le Beauty Mansion to whom I’m sincerely thankful for the great work she’s done. The background of the shooting was in the Dom hrvatskih branitelja in Pula where I  often go for a coffee or a drink in a very calm and peaceful atmosphere of the palm tree garden just in the middle of the town centre….

Dress: Tara Fashion

Bracelets: Iva Viljevac

Ring: Iva Stojković Jewelry 

MUA: Le Beauty Mansion

Photos by: Hassan Abdelghani

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