Perfect summer dresses for every occasion

Did you already find that ‘perfect’ summer dress? The one that you would wear with espadrillas but also with boots or stilletos… You know, ‘the dress’ that you can reinvent so many times and never get bored with. Well, I must say that I did that with a black ‘basic’ model dress that I got from COS and I really love it – it’s a ‘multitask’ dress…  I can wear it in the office but also when I go out or just for a walk. It’s my ‘perfect dress’ for every occasion… I think that no matter the colour of the dress you have to have in your wardrobe at least one ‘multitask’ dress… It can be a white lace dress (which are still very popular) or a floral, print or polka dot stlye dress or perhaps a slip dress which is still one of our favourite – but perhaps the most difficult to match with. Of course, the black one is certainly the one that goes with everything and you can never go wrong with it. I prefer the ‘above the knee’ length of the dresses but I also go crazy for some maxi dresses especially if combined smartly with some accessoire or even with sneakers as in this picture below. This kind of wearing the maxi slip dress certainly is not for everybody but I must say I love these ‘brave street style’ examples and I would always encourage them. This is the style we love here on My Fashion :) 

What is your experience with that ‘perfect dress’? Do you have one? You can post a picture of the dress if you want and share it with us :) 

Source: screenshots.

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