How to build you personal brand in 7 easy steps?

Have you ever asked yourself why do you need a personal brand? Think about your goals, ambitions, lifestyle, relationships, career… Do you want to have a better salary, a new client, a new opportunity in life? Well, then you definitely need a PERSONAL BRAND.

In today’s digital  world, personal branding is not an option, it is a ‘must’ no matter what your occupation, passion or hobbies are. We all need a powerful personal brand in order to be successful. We all have to make ourselves visible in the crowded market out there and make our message stand out and grab attention of the people we want to attract. Attention of our people.

You probably did hear the famous quote by Jeff Bezos, founder of the Amazon : ‘Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not around.’ You want your story to be heard, you want your story to be told even if you are not around. Well, easy to say but how to do it?

First of all you should identify your talents and values and what you are good at. You did? Well, now that you know in which field you want to establish yourself as an expert the branding process can start. This process is not a quick one, you have to establish valuable relationships with the people that trust you and have faith in you. It certainly doesn’t happen in just one day.

With your personal brand you gain image, WOM, endorsements, reputation. It is how the world sees you and your values, it is the perception that other people have about you and you certainly can influence that perception. This is the moment that the ‘value’ story becomes very important.

  1. You are CMO of your company. Your job is to be chief marketing officer (CMO) of the brand known as You.
  2. Make your ‘brand statement’. You have to explain in just few words who you are and what you are offering to the world thinking about your target groups and your ideal clients. Everything is in your hands. 
  3. Choose carefully your distribution channels. This is the moment when you have to choose your communication channels carefully thinking what you are good at and what you enjoy doing when sharing your experience. If you like writing and you are good at, then blogs are definitely the perfect channels to express yourself. If you are fond of photography and are good at visual art, then Instagram is the most important digital channel for you. But one doesn’t exclude other. Be active on social media, communicate openly, be VISIBLE and be where your target groups are.
  4. Be consistent in your communication message. There shoudn’t be a gap between your online communication and who you are in the real world. You do not want your people who follow you to be disappointed when they meet you in real life because the image you made of yourself online is fake and artificial. Think about branded content, but communicate like a human because the message and the values you give through the message are the most important part of your personal brand. 
  5. Your content should be entertaining, informative and helpful so that your followers actually ‘follow’ you and not somebody else. Be inspiring and give value to your followers, some advices, some relevant stuff related to your area of expertise. So, just start writing your new blog post starting with ‘How to make… / to do… / to begin?’… O.K.?
  6. Invest in writing a good CV. We actually think that we know how to write a good CV. But, we don’t. It is very hard to start speaking about ourselves in the third person and emphasizing our achievements in professional (and personal) life. Self promotion can be awkward, don’t you agree? Then, why don’t you hire a professional who will help you to write the best CV you need right now? Have a look at the links below the article ;)
  7. Invest in professional photograpy and start making videos. Visual communication in digital world is very important. Beside the quality photographs that you will need, first of all for your Linkedin profile, you will also need them for your blog, Facebook, etc. So, do not take risks with semi-professional stuff, I would always hire a good photographer. And, also one last thing, you have to start making videos, because your audience needs to hear your voice and your message and because branding today is bonding, but bonding doesn’t happen overnight. You need interaction and sharing values with your community and video, especially Facebook live can give you a lot of opportunity to interact with your people.

I hope this article was useful for you. If you have more question about how to start building your personal brand do not hesitate to ask me more :)

Some useful links:

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