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‘Attitude is everything!’ (Diane von Furstenberg) is name of the campaign initiated by My Fashion inspired by the need to raise awareness in young girls and women lives about the importance of style and attitude in their fashion statement and to send a message about the importance of self-confidence that comes from inside to a whole female population.  A final result of the campaign and the interesting cooperation with designers duo Ille Concept are T-shirts with the quotes of world famous fashion designers that bring a strong message inside. 

This projects purpose is to make young girls and women who wear My Fashion by Ille Concept feel nice and self-confident, enjoying every step they make in every moment of their lives. Walking through life with style by adding only yours, unique details offers much more fun, and that’s just one of this project principles.

I would resume the whole project in the few sentences: ‘On my blog is all about style, what’s „in“ at the moment and about leading fashion trends. To our numerous „followers“ we offer ideas for fashion outfits on daily base and we are doing it with a wish to inspire all young girls and women to create their own, different, special and unique style. No matter what a woman wears, she should always know how to wear it with style and audacity… Therefore, we created this story inspired by quotes of fashion designers such as  Diane von Furstenberg, Coco Chanel or Oscar de la Renta. For all of them, a focus is placed on a woman who is not only dictating trends, but is also responsible for her style that comes out of her attitude.“

This creative challenge was also very interesting to Branka and Simon from Ille Concept: „For us, as graphic designers, every new project represents a new challenge. Through this cooperation with Morena from My Fashion, we discovered new ways of communication, by using well-known quotes of famous personalities. By doing this, we have emphasized strong messages and stimulated our target audience on re-thinking. The project name itself urges on self-confidence, that so many women are missing, and that should be there because of their uniqueness. Everyone has ‘that something’, literally.“

T-shirts with slogans are totally ‘in’ at the moment and that’s why we believe that this product line will ‘fit in’ very well to world fashion trends. As  the summer is almost over, there will be T-shirts with short sleeves and with long sleeves. We are sure that every  fashionista regardless of the age, will find something for herself.

T- shirts by  My Fashion by Ille Concept can be found in the Makina Gallery in Pula – Kapitolinski trg 1.




Ille Concept is a team of two perspective designers, Simon Puja and Branka Lukić, who launched a story of creative process by pushing it through an pretty saturated market, in December 2013. Graphic, web and interior design is only one part of this young creatives domain. Their specialization is to work in different areas of design. Their guiding principle is to create product that will have attractive, noticeable and recognizable look.

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