March 2014

Morocco – Country of immense beauty, smells, sounds and colors…

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Every time I come back from a journey I have so many impressions of the places I've visited I don't know where to begin.  And especially this time when I came from the journey to Morocco – country of immense beauty, smells, sounds and colors... We started our journey in Casablanca which hasn't impressed me [...]

November 2013

My New York Moments, 2nd part

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This is the last post about New York.  About Soho and Chinatown, about Le Petit Cafe and Arno Restaurant which we liked a lot and where we spent several evenings tasting north Italian food and drinking some good Croatian wines.  Another restaurant which I liked a lot was Crave Fishbar. Unfortunately we went there [...]

June 2013

Beautiful wedding on Mallorca island…

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Last weekend I was on Palma de Mallorca island attending the "Spanish boda" of one of my dearest friends. For me it was more than a wedding - in my beloved Spain, enjoying the Mediterranean culture and food, enjoying the perfect scenery of the Balearic Islands, discovering new hideaways and admiring the love of [...]

May 2013

August 2012