‘You don’t have to get it perfect…’ by Marie Forleo

It’s been a while that I want to extend the content of this blog to the topics related to inspiring and empowering women to achieve what they want in their lifes. It’s not something it came to my mind randomly but it is mostly related to my other project Brendaonica which aim is to teach individuals,free lancers and solo entrepreneurs to become what they want using at maximum digital channels. I met a lot of people, but mostly women with whom I communicate even after the workshops, we have chats and also a Facebook group (Brendaonica #AchieversOnly –in CROATIAN) where we gather and talk not only about marketing on social media and (personal) branding but we talk about the importance of the mindset and how the personal growth affects your entrepreneurial actions   why you start a business at one moment and not in the other. And all the stuff that is related to your potential to be ‘visible’ online which will positively impact your brand and your business and on the other hand, not doing anything about that because you’re still not ready. We speak about  the obstacles that we have in our minds and some limiting beliefs and how to overcome come to find our genius zone.  I can say that I worked on my mindset quite a lot in the last year and I can see some serious changes in the progress of my business and also myself personally. One of the persons, a famous online  entrepreneur that I admire very much and that I can relate to is fabulous Marie Forleo. I can identify with almost everything I can read or hear from her through her social media channels and some of my favourite Marie Forleo’s quotes are these:

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