Food blogging as a profession?

Marcela is a girl who stands behind a succesful food blog My Cookstagram.

Even though I am not an enthusiastic cook, I love to be inspired with beautiful images and sometimes I even do prepare some of these plates. But, let’s hear what Marcela has to say about herself and her passion for food.

I’m passionate about pretty much everything I do. My work, my hobbies, my breakfast, my lunch, my dinner as well as someone elses birthday cake etc. Loving the life I live and searching for inspiration in everyday things and my friends. Cooking makes me relaxed, makes me feel happy and creative, and what makes me even more happy is watching people loving my food and enjoying it.

Why did you start a food blog?

Ever since I was a kid I was so excited to be in the kitchen helping my mum. Food and cooking was a big part of my growing up and when I moved from my parents home I felt free to start my own food world in my own kitchen. My boyfriend, my family and friends are so excited when they taste my food and even more excited to see it since I started taking pretty photos of what I cook. One day I just decided it’s time to share it with the world, and I’ve been loving it ever since.


Do you think that social media and ‘food design’ trend influenced you and in which manner?

Social media and other food bloggers inspired me in the beggining and are inspiring me every day. I admire so many of them and hope one day I can be just as good as they are. I also hope I can be the one to inspire others.

Could you share with us the most successful food picture (and recipe) on your blog?

My most succseful food picture would be the one I took of the Jamie Oliver dish and was shared by Jamie’s Foodtube. And my favorite recipes are all I make using sweet potato, especially the one with stuffed sweet potatoes. You can tell I love sweet potatoes :)

Which social media platform do you prefer?

Instagram, I just can’t get enough of it :)

Can you see yourself as a ‘food blogger’ – full time job?


In Croatia, do you have any possibility to be paid for what you are doing as ‘food blogger – marketing influencer’?

Croatian market is so small and there is no place for so many of us. Since I have full time job I don’t have so much time to be very much involved with my blog. For now it’s my hobby. Sometimes I get contacted by some brands and we cooperate and I do get paid but it’s not about money really. 

All bloggers (especially on Instagram) use some #hashtags that work better than others? Do you have any?

I’m not sure about one, I got few of them I always use so not sure what one work better. Maybe #instagood #foodlovers #photooftheday

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