‘La dolce vita’ in Rome ;)

Roma or Rome in English is one of those cities you have always dreamt of because you saw it in different movies, fashion shows or beautiful photography and movie scenes with Italian actors Marcelo Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg acting in the famous scene of ‘La dolce vita’ which made the Fontana di Trevi one of most famous monument in the world that attracts numerous tourists from all over the world. So, there’s no doubt that before you visit this stunning city important for its numerous historical monuments you do have a lot of expectations as a visitor and you have that feeling that you already know how the city would look like. Neverthelless, you are always surprised with the people, colors and smells of the city that make it very unique and actually bring that special dynamic to every city and after you visit it, you will remember the kind words of the host in the hotel who makes the best capuccino in the world or the nice Chinese guy (but, of course Italian) who welcomes you in the middle of the night as a receptionist in the hotel and you can notice from his learnt and made phrases that it is his very first turn as a receptionist in that hotel, but you appreciate his effort and forget about the rude experience which you had with taxi driver at the airport, when for an instance you didn’t know about where were you going and how much would it cost you. Not such a pleasant experience at 12 p.m. being a solo female traveler in such a big city like Rome. Even if you inform yourself before the trip and read all the recommendations and rules that say that all the taxi drives from the Ciampino airport should be charged 35€, there is always some driver that would try to charge you more, obviously.

I was so lucky my hotel Venustas Roma  was close to the Vatican City and not so far from the rest of the sights such as Sant Angelo castle and Sant Angelo bridge as well as other famous squares like Piazza Navona and Piazza with Pantheon were not so far away so I could easily walk or take bus or metro to reach them. The weather at the end of September was really nice and sunny so I could enjoy staying outside and taking a walk through the busy streets of the city of Rome. I wish I could have more time to visit all the monuments I wanted to see, but three days stay was not not enough to see absolutely everything. I did visit the Vatican Museums which was one of the most impressive experience that I’ve had in Rome. Depending on how much you want to see and how deep you want to go with discovering the art history exposed in the Vatican Museums and the Sixtine Chappel (which is daily visited by 25.000 people), you should plan to spend there from 4 hours to all day. Especially if you want to visit the St. Peter Basilica which is highly recommended by all the visitors. Also, I would recommend to buy your tickets online if you want to visit the Vatican because in that way you avoid the queues and also to spend some time outside in the parks within the boundaries of the sacred city which is really beautiful and relaxing.

Pics from Instagram @morenamilevoj

When it comes to the bars and restaurants you shouldn’t definitely be on a diet when traveling to Rome because everything you try there is delicious from the perfect Italian breakfast that included the above mentioned best capuccino in the world, the wide selection of salami, the most delicious croissants (or cornettos) and homemade cakes through the typical lunch that I used to have at the restaurant called Jazz caffe which I absolutelly recommend if you want to have some typical Italian food as well as numerous bars where you can have an aperitivo at 7 p.m. and continue your evening in ‘Italian style’. There wasn’t enough time to go Trastevere but I hope I can visit it next time I come to Rome.

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