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So, I’ve known Petra for more than ten years. We worked at the same company in Zagreb when she was just a very young girl at the beginning of her career. We always used to hang together, not only in the office but very often outside of the office, at the numerous marketing parties that were so popular in those 2007 / 2008 / 2009 years. Long time ago, eh? Well, Petra is now proud Mom of Lukas and she is expecting her second baby in October. Neverthelless, she is very active young Mom, and one of those who shares her own stories through social media channels. Very modern, transparent and soooo funny! If you still did not follow her Facebook blog, do that immediatelly: Lipstick Mom

Anyway, this time I would like Petra to share with all of us some travel experiences that she had with her husband while pregnant.

First of all, thank you Morena for that throwback to 2007 and 2008, it was really one of the most intense period in my life, but full of fun and great memories. We should do that again some time soon, I’ll hire a nanny! 😉

As you wrote above, yes, I have a little boy named Lukas, he is 19 months now, and he usually acts like a chimp that got out of the cage. So I think it would be nice if I wasn’t so active all the time. I am expecting a baby girl in October, she should come on Haloween so I need to prepare her a really cute and fashionable outfit for her very first photo. Not every little witch is born on their official international day. It’s kinda big deal.

Now I’ll stop with my silly jokes and will answer your questions.

MF: Where did you travel while you were pregnant?
Petra: In my first pregnancy, my husband took me to Budapest for 3 days. He is attorney at law and he had a business trip. His clients were so polite and invited me also, so I wasn’t in a doubt for a second. I was 18 weeks pregnant and really enjoyed that trip. We were sightseeing for whole 3 days, enjoying their food and events throughout the city. That was actually my 4th trip to Budapest, but first one in summer so I actually couldn’t believe it was the same city. It was full of life and tourists, just as I like it. Our next trip was also in my first pregnancy, and it was our honeymoon. It was just a week after Budapest when we went to Paris, so I was 19 weeks pregnant. After that we had a 1-year break from travelling because we had a little baby, and now, 2 months ago, we went to Barcelona. We thought it would be a great chance to go because Lukas could stay with his grandparents, and I was 22 weeks pregnant, my nausea has stopped so we gave it a go.

MF: Which travel destinations did you like most and why?

Petra: I did like Paris the most. Actually it wasn’t our first choice for honeymoon, but all the arrangements we were interested in were overbooked. But when we landed and got out of the agency’s bus – it was breathtaking. I only saw Paris in movies and thought it was so overrated, but it really is the best city I have ever been in. The food, the architecture, museums, shops, it’s so hard to say what I liked the most. When we got back, we couldn’t stop talking about our trip. I really think some of our friends could barely wait to go home from our place. What actually surprised me in Paris was the fact that behind every single corner is something fascinating, I was so excited when walking down the roads because I couldn’t wait to see what kind of breathtaking thing is just about to pop up next. 

MF: Some tips & tricks for young moms or pregnant women when traveling?

Petra: It’s hard for me to give advice to young moms because I wasn’t travelling with my child so usually nothing was different. But I could give some advice to pregnant women who are planning to set off. Take all your doctor papers with you, just in case of emergency. Don’t pressure yourself with hard tempo, the goal is to enjoy every moment, and not to be exhausted at the end of the day, so that tomorrow you ask yourself if you should stay in a hotel and rest. If you get tired, but really want to see more in that day, just buy a ticket for one of those ‘hop on/hop off’ buses, they have a great sightseeing tours! Furthermore, drink lots of water, bring comfy clothes and don’t experiment with food or drinks that you didn’t consume earlier. You never know how your body would react, so why risk with nausea or heartburn? 

MF: What to wear? Do you have special outfit or fashion brand that you would recommend when travelling?

I brought plenty of comfortable clothes, 90% was dresses because I like the fact that I’m all done with just one item. I also brought few maternity wear parts, because my baby bump started to see very early. I recommend stretching or wide dresses, you can combine them with sneakers, boots or flip-flops (it depends what season you’re travelling in) when exploring the cities, and put some high heels in the evening when going to restaurant or a party so you’re ready to go. I usually wear high street brands like Zara, Reserved, Mohito and H&M. Not all of them have maternity clothes, but I usually buy something I could wear after my pregnancy. Also, I always bring few pair of shoes. Four, five or more. Sounds crazy, but it’s no secret that pregnant women have swollen feet, so I like to change shoes few times a day, just to avoid blisters. I also bring few accesories like scarfs, small bags and minimalistic jewelry, just to feel good in my skin. And when I feel good, baby feels good. ;)

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