Ostentatoire – Edgy jewellery and Scandinavian design in the heart of Marais

We continue with presenting you some particular places in Paris that inspired us by their originality. After AMBALI, this time we’ll show you a very particular place that offers the most impressive offer of edgy jewellery called Ostentatoire. This place is perfect for all the lovers of quality and original jewellery -they won’t be disappointed. So let’s have a look!

A trendy yet laid back local opens in the Marais. A perfect addition to the trendy 3rd arrondissement the heart of the Marais district – Ostentatoire is a unique place dedicated to edgy accessories. The store is filled with all things unorthodox and unusual thanks to jewellery designer Claire Pain and photographer David Foessel.

The two wanted to create a space that brought together a sharp selection of jewellery in an exclusive environment for displaying jewellery are art-inspired creations. For them, there has not yet been a place like this in Paris, and they wanted to be the first to open a shop like this one.
Ostentatoire welcomes 20 artists to take part in the identity of Ostentatoire, including Alice Hubert, Andres Gallardo, Calourette, Chic Alors, Circo, Chic Sick Chic Paris, Claire Pain, Culoyon, Daydream Nation, EDDG, Haoshi Studio, House Of Done,
IRM designLacolli & McAllister,  Martine Viergever, Miss Bibi, New traditionRegina Dabdab, Sabina Kasper, Sowat, Tatty devine, Tina Lilienthal, Wing Paris.
For the shop’s interior inspiration, Finnish designer Linda Bergroth has made carte blanche designs. The entire store plays on scales of reality, speaking from a parallel world and brings the urban attitude of Paris into the space. It uses raw materials and simple forms of Scandinavian inspired art, while still offering quality jewellery selections.

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