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When I travel I always have in mind how to describe my personal experience with other travelers. I don’t actually have to but my inner self tells me: ‘ You have to share your experience, so maybe it will help someone’. So, after my 7 -days trip to Santorini I’ve waited for the right moment to concentrate on the experiences I had during my journey and tell you ‘My story’.

I’ve always wanted to visit Greece and especially the Cycladic islands. I love the Medditeranean so much I didn’t have any doubt I would fall in love with Santorini immediatelly. And so it was.

Even if I was sleeping in Kharterados, a small village near Thira (the capital of Santorini= the jewel of the island) it didn’t ruin my perception of that beautiful island. You can actually visit Santorini in 3 or 4 days. It’s not that big. And you have practically the towns of Thira and Oia -together with Imerovigli and Firostefani in between which are the most fascinating for tourists and the rest of the island – the caldera, the archaeological ruins and the numerous beaches that you can visit in a few days time. I was told to go to Ios and Folegandros but my trip was planned in advance so I didn’t actually have time to take this kind of risks. You need at least 4 hours ferry drive to get to Ios. I hope the next time I will visit these two islands and some more too.



I think that going to Santorinin in September was a good idea because even thought the island was full of tourists as we were in high season I was told that in August it was really terrible with thousands and thousands  of guests from cruise ships visiting the island. Santorini is a magnet for tourists. Probably one of the most attractive tourist destinations that I’ve ever been to. Even though, on some spots I’ve experienced the ‘accidental type of tourism’ if I can call it just like this. I think of the local boat trip at Akrotiri beach to Black, White and (the most famous) Red beach for only 5 euros return trip. I enjoyed is so much that I had to go once again and maybe it was the best expereience I’ve had on Santorini. I didn’t find any information about that trip on Internet. That’s what I talk about when I say ‘accidental’ :)  I really explored the island as much as I could. I didn’t want just to stay at the hotel and have a swim at the pool. I stayed in a very nice and cosy Hotel Pension Anna in Kartherados, a very good choice for solo travelers – clean and tidy with kind hosts that take care of their guests so you feel like at home. Even though the group with which I arrived from Ljubljana went to Kamari to the hotel resort, I prefered to stay on my own and to be near Thira. So I could just walk to the city (approx. 20 min) whenever I wanted to. Anyway, I suggest to everybody from Croatia (and Slovenia and north Italy) to take a charter flight from Ljubljana which brings you directly to Santorini. I booked it with Palma Travel agency (Zagreb) and I had a very good experience with the organization and all the rest. You event get free parking at Ljubljana airport.









Beside Thira that I already mentioned many times – and which is absolutely breathtaking – ‘anything you look at, it’s stunning’, I really enjoyed the famous Oia at the north of the island which is especially famous for the best sunsets on Santorini. The bed thing is that it’s often crowded, but nice, very, very nice… You forget about everything when strolling the white streets of Oia and enjoying the most amazing view at the sea and caldera. Perhaps the best look at caldera is from Imerovigli. When you arrive at Imerovigli you can smell the luxury and you can’t  imagine you are there amonig all those villa’s guests enjoying their time in the pools overlooking the sea… like they were in their private paradise…

As I said before I wanted to explore the island as much as I could so I took the rent a car for a day (otherwise I was traveling by local bus – which was a very covenient and authentic experience!) and I went to Pyrgos. Actually the atmosphere was completely different than on the more famous side of the island. Pyrgos was very calm and it is what I needed at that moment. Just escape….

And speaking about food – you definitely have to try souvlaki, hummus, tzatziki and Fix beer :) My Greek experience was very good and I would go back again so don’t hesitate and even if you don’t have so much money available you can experience ‘budget travel’ on Santorini… Everything is possible if you want it!






Hummus and tzatziki with pita bread



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