Someone said ‘Teddy Bear’ coat?

Someone said ‘Teddy Bear’ coat? Well, you have probably already noticed that winter season 2017 is characterized by all types of this so called ‘Teddy Bear’ coat, cozy and comfortable but at the same time it can look elegant if you combine it with some other clothing items such as stilletos or some fancy boots and also all kinds of cluthes and handbags, preferably in some vivid colors just to add some spark to beige and brown color, so typical for this kind of coat. Street style pictures all over the world show that the trendsetters and influencers are loving to wear it, but only since this season, even though it is a hit and ‘must have’ item this winter season. I had the chance, for example, to buy a French Connection coat in New York four years ago that is very similar to this actual trend so I put some pictures of the outfit shooting that we had with that faux fur coat.

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