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Martina Herak is a fashion designer from Poreč, living in Zagreb.  We met in Zagreb several years ago when Gaby, our friend in common who lives in London, was spending some time there. We always meet by accident at some strange places (parking places, in front of the restaurant, etc.) and always say that we ‘should do something together’ :) So, finally, this opportunity knocked at the door, and so I thought it would be nice to have one of the opening interviews on my newly redesigned blog with her. Martina is one of those girls that has an impeccable touch of style; wearing clothes that she designes mixing the asymmetrical dresses with some other ‘easy to wear’ clothing items she always look effortlessly chic and beautiful. But, let’s not talk about her style, let’s talk about her career, instead.

Martina, you are a magnet for LIKES on social media platforms. What is the secret for your successful online presence?

Well, I never considered myself as a social media influencer or someone that has a successful online presence. In fact, in this era of social medias, I’m still “old school”, using them to present and promote my work, and of course, to share some positive moments with my friends and fam. I’m not one of those persons who gives a big significance to some instagram or fb likes although it’s nice to see that people love what you.

Recently, you were invited to London Fashion Week, twice or three times, if I am not wrong. What this experience meant for you and how did it help you in your professional career?

Yes, I was three times on London Fashion week and I’m very thankful for this experience. First off all, it’s always a pleasure to show your work outside the borders, meet other designers and get new conections. You have the possibility to see other fashion shows, to get some new ideas and live fashion in a different way. Beeing in London, I never had the feeling that the other designers are looking at you with jelousy, it’s simple – you are there to show your designes and not to compare with others. Everything is well organized; your collection has to be finished a month before the show. Every designer has his place in the backstage and there is less stress if comparing with some shows I did in Croatia. You just have to take your garments, make the fitting and wait for the fashion show that is usually the next day. I think that beeing a part of such a big organization as LFW gives you the motivation and makes you feel proud of yourself.

As far as I know, you started the Faculty of Textile technology and Master od fashion design in Zagreb at not very early stage in your life, but in your thirties. This is a normal situation abroad, but not so in Croatia. How did it feel? Were you afraid of failing?

Every begining is hard, no matter what your profession is or what you expect from yourself. When you start from zero, from the base, I suppose that is normal to have a sort of fear of failing. In my case, I did everything alone. So, you love something and you want this to be your main job, but you also have to promote your work, to have your clients, to show your design to others. Of course, whatever you do if you start from the begining, you have to be very patient and work really really hard. If you believe in yourself and if you believe in your dreams, there will always be a door open to sucess.

I can see on your pictures that you often share pictures with your dogs. How did that love for animals was born?

Actually, there was always a dog in our house. I used to say that my father could work as as a dog whisperer, so I suppose that this love comes from my parents.

Poreč (Funtana) or Zagreb?

Poreč and Funtana and Zagreb. :) Poreč for the heart, Funtana for the soul and Zagreb for the brain.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I don’t like to think much about the future but ok, I’d love to stay and work in Zagreb, having my own showroom and a family. More important, I still see myself surrounder with the people I love.

Would you like to share with us an ideal outfit combination for hot summer days with the clothes you designed?

I would always choose something comfortable, so, if talking about the fabrics, viscose and cotton would be my first choice. So, a nice, monochromatic and asymmetrical dress that you can wear with your flip flops or high heel shoes at night would be perfect for the hot summer days.


Photos: PRIVATE COLLECTION (Facebook).

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