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Anja Rubik by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris October 2014

Vogue Paris October 2014, INTO THE WILD Photographers: Lachlan Bailey Model: Anja Rubik Stylist: Géraldine Saglio Hair: Damien Boissinot Make-up: Christelle Cocquet

Osvojite My Fashion by Ille Concept modnu majicu :)

My Fashion by Ille Concept majice su osmišljene s namjerom da podignu samopuzdanje djevojkama i ženama koje ih nose. Nije bitno što imate odjeveno nego nosite li to sa stilom i pozitivnim stavom te osmijehom na licu. Stoga smo u suradnji s Ille Conceptom osmislili i dizajnirali četiri majice – dva modela i četiri različita [...]

My Fashion by Ille Concept promotion at the Makina Gallery

Last Saturday night we had a little promotion of My Fashion by Ille Concept brand in cooperation with the Makina Gallery in Pula where you can actually find the fashion T-Shirts inspired by attitude and style quotes of the world famous fashion designers. I was proud to launch the first project in cooperation with Simon [...]

Attitude and style quotes by My Fashion & Ille Concept

‘Attitude is everything!’ (Diane von Furstenberg) is name of the campaign initiated by My Fashion inspired by the need to raise awareness in young girls and women lives about the importance of style and attitude in their fashion statement and to send a message about the importance of self-confidence that comes from inside to a [...]

It’s all about attitude!

‘Attitude is everything’, as Diane von Furstenberg says… Our style is the visible aspect and expression of our attitude. It’s the result of our self-confidence, inventiveness and individuality. It’s how we express ourselves that really matters.  We bring you some of the most famous fashion quotes related to the importance of attitude in fashion. Be [...]

Coolness invented by Maja Wyh

Can you tell me why is Maja Wyh style so cool? Is it her attitude or the clothes she’s wearing? Or perhaps both? Actually I’ve seen many pictures of her lately on the Internet and I was wandering who she was so I explored a little bit and found out she’s one of the most [...]

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