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Sweater over a dress – the latest style obsession!

Whether you wear a sweater over the dress or just combine some maxi sweater with a skirt, preferably chiffon skirt you will get effortless chic look. So if you want to get a casual look, but at the same time with a touch of elegance you definitely have to choose to wear a dress or [...]

Kate, Lara and Daria for Vogue Paris March 2015

The best models shot by the best photographers for the best Vogue edition in the world – the Vogue Paris – always make the best fashion result that can really be admired. Kate, Lara and Daria are shot by Mert & Marcus and styled by Emmanuele Alt, Vogue Paris editor-in-chief who says: “Lara, Daria and [...]

The come back of another ’90s trend – chockers

Some of you were born in the ’90s while some of us were wearing and experimenting with the chockers so popular in that period. They were made of velvet or crocheted with delicate wire so they looked like a ‘tattoo’.  Oh, they were so ’90s. But the ‘come back’ of chockers is a little bit [...]

Inspired by Tash and Elle

Sometimes I forget why I started this blog perhaps due to hectic and chaotic periods which happen to be very often – and that’s why I can’t concentrate in writing a post and express my creativity and share with you some fashion and style inspiration which I used to do more at the beginning of [...]

Majice sa stavom – My Fashion by Ille Concept – Posebna blagdanska ponuda za My Fashion fanove ;)

Približava se Božić i vrijeme darivanja :) Sigurna sam da sigurno već razmišljate što pokloniti najboljoj prijateljici, poslovnoj partnerici, sestri ili mami… Mi imamo riješenje za vas! Naše ‘majice sa stavom’ smo snizili samo za predstojeće blagdane. Tako se My Fashion by Ille Concept modne majice s citatima poznatih svjetskih dizajnera mogu pronaći po povoljnim [...]

Inspired by Etoile de mer :)

This shooting was also made by Hassan Abdelghani taking inspiration in the jewellery made by Etoile de mer, particularly the woolen necklace in pastel colors ideal for fall and winter outfits. The picture in the background of the picture(s) is made by great Spanish artist and our friend Xavier Gonzalez. Photo credit: Hassan Abdelghani  

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